I am Evelyn Fannin, for years I wondered, do children really learn math differently? My passion became to create a method to Learn Times Tables and division quickly  Upon discovering children need a better method to ADD & SUBTRACT and some young children need EARLY DEVELOPMENT skills. Parents asked for FRACTION help. COOL TOOLS MATH Courses are developed for a quick, actual learning method while your child has FUN WITH MATH.  

Evelyn Fannin : After I graduated from college and began my teaching career,     I discovered that some children learn math differently.

 Disturbing News :

  • Years ago a quote stated, “The number of prison beds needed in 10 years are determined by the number of students failing in the 4th grade.”
  •  Over 50% of the children in the United States are below proficiency in math, according to National Board of Education Survey
  • United States ranks 40 in math in all countries in the World
  • Kindergarten children test 85% creative, compared to high school graduates of only 17% testing as creative.

Evelyn is an active member of her church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She has filled 5 missions, has held positions of organist, music conductor, drama director, teacher of various ages and has held positions of leadership in several organizations. She has served for 30 years in Boy Scouts of America and has influenced many young boys’ lives. She is an active member of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers and has held leadership positions on the Camp and Company level. She is the mother of 6 children and one foster son. She has 27 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren. Her love for teaching and influencing young people for good has characterized her years of service.

COOL TOOLS MATH Courses became a work in progress as Evelyn designed, published, filmed videos  added quizzes and tested with hundreds of children; as a quick, actual learning method to enable FUN with MATH.

She is best known for her Cool Tools Math courses which have been used in many areas in the United States, including Arizona, Florida, California and extensively in Utah. They have been used internationally in Kuwait and in the Philippines. She has taught math to students ages 4 – 74 for over 40 years both in traditional classroom settings in grades 1 – 9 and tutored in after-school and summer programs using these courses.  

Evelyn is the designer, publisher of each of these Cool Tools Math Books. She filmed and edited the video instructions, added quizzes for tracking progress, and tested the results with hundreds of children. They are a quick, actual learning method that enables Fun with Math. Evelyn’s greatest love for teaching math is to see the AHA moments when children discover they can do it and they are smart. Using the internet, she hopes to be able to benefit many more children with these exciting methods which she feels are her gift from God.

The quickest way to master math skills. Math got you stuck? Evelynn gives you the confidence you need. She starts with the easiest skills to master and builds to your complete success!

Together with you as parents with this Cool Tools Math method, your creative child can learn math the way they learn. It may verify your belief that they really are smart. Their anxiety and fear may disappear as their Self-Esteem soars. 

As a parent, what value would this be to you?


  1. Bachelors of Science Degree – Brigham Young University
  2.  Completion of Graduate Courses at Texas Western, El Paso Texas
  3. Silver Beaver Award – Boy Scouts of America
  4.  Second Miler Award – Boy Scouts of America
  5.  Winner of Small Business of Alignment in 2018