Evelyn Fannin author, publisher, video producer of Cool Tools Math Courses

Some children think their brain must be broken, they can’t learn as other kids do. Actually, many of them just learn differently. Especially creative children learn differently. We recognize vivid imaginations in young children. Statistics show 85% of Kindergarten children test as creative, while high school graduates only test 17%. What happens through the school years? Suppose we could retain these creative abilities?

In a perfect world, name 5 changes that would possibly take place in the future if people believed in themselves creative abilities and their mission.

Some programs are available to help teens and adults accept who they are, suppose there was a program to help grade school children.

I am Evelyn Fannin, naturally creative, struggled through school. I felt others expected little from “just me.” I graduated from college with grades to pass and get my teaching certificate. I taught grades 1 – 9, married and raised 7 children. Discovering children learn differently, and when my one child announced “I’m not going to learn anymore!” A meeting ensued where all his teachers, the principal, school Psychologist, my husband and myself met together. His homeroom teacher’s introductory remarks were, “Who cares about him?” Immediately I broke down in tears, my husband came to the rescue and announced we didn’t want our son to be in her class. A few days later I returned to school and expressed my belief that teachers should be aware of each child. My pain was exquisite, many sleepless nights followed. That summer my husband met a psychologist, long story short, tested him for Right or Left-Brained Dominance. Our son and I both recognized how our creative learning characteristics affect our personal belief ourselves. My mind raced ahead, how many children suffer from being called dumb, outside the box, misfits because they learn differently.

My quest began. Math seemed to be the biggest roadblock. Statistics show that #1 About 50% of the children from K – 12 are below proficiency in math in the U.S.A. #2 The United States ranks 40 in math in all countries in the world. #3 The number of prison bed needed in 10 years is determined by the number of children failing in the 4th grade.

My question is: How many of these children think their brain is broken?

As I pursued the different characteristics of brain dominance, which some authorities do not recognize saying everyone uses both sides of the brain. I agree, but some are strongly dominant in one side or the other. My studies led to these characteristics. In another place I will explain how we used these to create a unique math presentation.

Different characteristics pertaining to different learning styles.

My quest: How can math be presented to creative or Right-Brained learners using these characteristics? How can each child discover how they are smart and feel good about themselves? How can I explain that these courses are not the same as hundreds of games, busy work, entertainment that are available in so many places.

My present goal is: to begin a Coaching Program for parents and teachers on how to use this Cool Tools Math discovery method to help their children understand, memorize and use basic math facts successfully for each child to become a HERO?

Why did we choose math? Becoming a HERO through math is faster than mastering any other subject. As children succeed, their respect for themselves and others creates a light around them that can benefit them for the rest of their lives. This answers the question, Why should parents and teachers supplement their child’s learning when they are young by using COOL TOOLS MATH Courses? To quote Jim Kwik, “It is not how smart they are, but how are they smart”

What value would these Cool Tools Math Courses be for you?

Evelyn’s greatest love is her family, her husband, 6 children and 1 foster son, 27 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren. Each special in their own way. She is an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has filled 5 missions, held positions of music conductor, pianist, drama director, held leadership positions in several organizations and taught various ages. She served 30 years in Boy Scouts of America, earning a Silver Beaver and a 2nd Miler Award. As a member of Daughters of Utah Pioneers she held Camp and Company leadership positions.

Teaching and influencing young people for good has characterized her years of service. To quote her Great Grandfather, Karl G. Maeser: “Knowledge is power as long as it is accompanied by high moral values.”

Cool Tools Math courses have been used in many areas in the United States, including Arizona, Florida, California and extensively in Utah and internationally in Kuwait and the Philippines. She has taught math to students ages 4 – 74 for over 40 years both in traditional classroom settings in grades 1 – 9 and tutored in after-school and summer programs using these courses for 2900 students.

What value would these Cool Tools Math Courses be for you?

The quickest way to master math skills. Math got you stuck? From these courses each child gains confidence through success. Start with the easy skills and build complete success!

You can easily become a guide for your child as their anxiety and fear of math dissipates, their Self-Esteem soars and they become a HERO.

What value would these Cool Tools Math Courses be for you?


  1. Bachelors of Science Degree – Brigham Young University
  2. Completion of Graduate Courses at Texas Western, El Paso Texas
  3. Silver Beaver Award – Boy Scouts of America
  4.  Second Miler Award – Boy Scouts of America
  5.  Winner of Small Business of Alignment in 2018