Making Math Fun!

If your children don’t understand math, they will hate it and will struggle with it all their lives. It isn’t their fault that they don’t understand math! They just learn differently than the norm, and they need to be taught a different, easier way… That’s what Cool Tools Math is all about!

Does your child have trouble learning math? These are frequent comments:

From a student:

  • I hate being treated as if I am dumb.
  • I hate being sent to a special room to learn math and I still don’t get it.
  • When some kids are nice to me, they just want me to do something for them.
  • Something must be wrong with me.
  • I hate school. I hate feeling like a failure. I want to give up.

From a parent:

  • I would do anything if I could take away my child’s pain.
  • Helping with homework I hear, “That’s not how to do it at my school!”
  • My child tries to explain, but makes no sense. They don’t know how either.
  • Math is important for the future, to buy things, budget, and get a job.
  • I’ve bought flash cards, math workbooks, and hired expensive tutors… The problem is still critical!

May I say, “There is hope!”

If some children learn differently, why not teach them differently?

Evelyn says, “When you know how to do math, you can do 100 problems and they’re easy. The plan was to teach math, but a dramatic difference in self-esteem became the most important result and success in math was merely the method. 

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“My daughter’s grades rose from D’s to A’s skipping all between, by discovering this different learning style and understanding her unusual talents as assets. What a turn-around in her life. I would recommend these courses for any child who is frustrated with math.”

– Jenny’s Mom, Adelle

Are you ready to make Math fun for your child?

This is how we teach math.

Even for a child who learns differently, THERE IS HOPE!